About Us

Our company, ONE LOG Hungary Kft., offers a wide range of transportation options at an affordable price, whether it be by sea, air, rail, road, or other combined modes of transportation. Like our clients, you may also be someone who has limited time but high expectations and would gladly entrust your shipments to reliable experts. If so, we specifically recommend our personalized and high-quality services tailored to your needs, from the first quote to the delivery of the goods to their destination. Trust us, and we will put our partner network covering all parts of the world, the experience, professionalism, precision, and routine of our colleagues at your service to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination as quickly, seamlessly, and cost-effectively as possible. Our goal is to perform clean, simple, and transparent work.
If you need additional guarantees that your shipment will be handled with priority, choose ONE LOG Premium Cargo service. Who wouldn't want to transport goods with the security of a money-back guarantee? Our premium service offers priority handling for sea, air, rail, road or other combined freight transportation, taking into account all available options and resources at our disposal.
Would you also like to do something for cleaner air on our planet? It can be difficult to be as environmentally conscious as we would like in international freight transport, but it is not impossible to find transport solutions that offer high-quality service with less harmful emissions. We are committed to environmental protection, so we always strive to ensure that the freight services we use have the least impact on the environment. Direct air and sea routes that do not require the use of intermediate airports and ports, railway transport solutions where part of the journey is done with pure electric drive, are just a few examples of the ONE LOG Green environmentally friendly transport solutions. Look for our GREEN services and join us in the fight for cleaner air.