With Hungary's accession to the European Union, the role of customs procedures has not decreased, but rather increased. The role and responsibility of customs officers have changed, as with the fall of borders, customs procedures can now be carried out not only in Hungary, but also in other countries. With the accession to the common market, some of the previously applied customs procedures ceased, some were transformed, and new procedural processes were created. Nowadays, electronic customs handling, which can be carried out independently of location, has replaced paper-based customs handling. The possibility of indirect customs representation is a forward-looking method that exempts from the obligation to pay import VAT, greatly promoting the revival of trade. The changing needs and conditions require changed and expanded knowledge. Whether it is port customs clearance or the latest electronic procedures, our company is prepared for the expectations. In addition to our customs-related services, we also offer expert assistance in other topics closely related to customs, such as the EKAER system or product charge management and declaration.