Instead of decreasing, the importance of customs procedures has significantly increased since Hungary joined the EU. After the fall of the national borders the role and the responsibility of customs staff have changed, customs clearance and administration can now be similarly performed in other countries. Some procedures have partly disappeared, some of them have changed and new mechanisms have also been introduced in the common market. Paper-based declaration today is replaced by the up-to-date electronic customs clearance performed independently from the geographical location. A future-driven, trade boosting new option is the indirect customs representation allowing VAT exemptions on certain imports.

The new demand and conditions require an extended knowledge. We are fully prepared to the new challenges either it is a port clearance or the latest electronic procedure. In addition to our customs services we also offer the full scope of professional assistance in the related areas such as the Electronic Public Road Trade Control System (EKÁER) and the Green Tax (Environmental Protection Product Fee) administration and declaration.

Our customs account service will help you to manage customs duty and VAT payments at no cost from your home in advance. For further information don’t hesitate to ask our team’s assistance.

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