My name is Zoltán Czakó, I am the owner and Managing Director of ONE LOG Hungary Ltd.

Today when the Era of Dynamism is replacing the Era of Shape, speed, accuracy and efficiency of desk work is a paramount. Over thousands of years goods transport hasn’t changed significantly. While caravans and horse-carts have been replaced by the streamlined aircrafts and cargo vessels, carrying goods in faultless condition and cost-efficiently from point A to point B within the shortest possible route and time, as fundamental point, remains the same. Goods transport and trade have been working hand in hand like friends for ages. This profession with ancestral habits and traditions has always been and continues to be an integral part of global activities. The ONE LOG Hungary Ltd. has emerged from an idea where the Past and Future meet to create the Present. The philosophy of ONE represents the old traditions, the power of present moment and future’s potentiality. Let us take you there - into this world.

Our company, ONE LOG Hungary Ltd. offers you a wide spectrum of transport services, let it be air, sea, road or multimodal carriage. You are possibly one of the clients with high demands and limited time who wishes to leave transports to reliable experts. If this is the case, I recommend to you first our quality services from the initial quote to the customised and personalised delivery. Have confidence in us and I will present our worldwide partnership network, my experience of 20 years and my team’s professionalism, accuracy and routine.

Life and forwarding are simple, it is only the people who make them complicated. Our goal is to do a straightforward and transparent job.