„Thank you for your cooperation, the accuracy, the fair and the great job you did for us”
/ Swimwear Company Ltd. /


"Our company has been working with the One Log Hungary Team since 2012. We have received exceptional client handling both in Import and in Export, even if sometimes there happened modifications from our side at the very last minutes.Through your reliable work, we have learned during the years that there is no impossible, but if there is, you find the best solution. The satisfaction received from our foreign partners is the best evidence for that, the appreciation that matters the most! None of the 3-lettered freight forwarding companies can do that! Your greatest virtues are quickness, flexibility, reliability and the competitive pricing and of couse the friendly connection which formulated between us easing our business partnership.This way we would like to thank you again for your hard work throughout the years and honestly trust to keep the good and well operating partnership for a long time."
/ WM Rendszerház Ltd. /


“They are reliable, quick, and always do their business with a human touch. They provide quality service for an affordable price. This is why we have been working exclusively with ONE LOG for years.”
/ JUVAPHARMA Kft. –  /


"We chose your company, because only you represent European standard in communication at this market which is rare in Hungary. You always reply in time with maximal politeness and care. This communicatioon would stand its ground in the western countries as well, which is seperately tought at many places here. It is rare at the market."
/ Karolina Ölveczki /


’We get rare flexible and precise management every time. In case of palletized shipments the transit time is prominently fast and the prices are very competetive. The team of ONE LOG Hungary largely cooperates to our company’s success. We are completely contented.’
/ BTDM Kft. beststuff.hu /


"On behalf of me and my company I would like to thank you the flexibility and fast help which you have provided in connection with the shipments recently. The work you do means great help us to execute our tenders smoothly now and in the future as well. I know that this is natural from your side that everything goes effectively and accurate, but I want to specially thank it to you by all. Thank you!!!"
 / Zoltán Szőcs – Director of Sales – DND Telecom Center /


“... why we work with ONE LOG? 
Well, where should I start... I could try to tell you how much burden they take off our shoulders allowing us to concentrate on nothing but the business. We could not come up with a location they couldn’t deliver shipments from or to, in much shorter time than we expected.
Or I could mention the professionalism, flexibility and practical problem solving approach. From this aspect, they are far ahead of their numerous competitors.
... but I think it’s enough to say that they are human.
We appreciate their co-operation beyond words.”
/ László Farkas - managing director, www.gremound.cominfo /


“ONE LOG... a service that is truly priceless. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”
/ Yazoo-System Kft. /


“We love working with you because you are simply the best when it comes to flexibility and getting the job done quickly.”
/ Optimall Optika Kft. /


“I’m Tamás Kerékgyártó, a startup private entreprenour. In January, 2016 me and my wife decided to begin a ’virtual reality technology’ business. We were looking for a company dealing with such manufacturing technologies that made simulators we needed.After having discussed all the issues, the next step was to search and find a cargo forwarder company. As usual, I found some on Google. There I came across One Log Hungary Ltd. Helping hands were vitally important for us, beacause it was the first time to import products from abroad. At the very first contact I already made sure of the fact that One Log will be an unbelievably helpful partner. I had lots of questions on freight forwarding at first, and I was very afraid, but their professialism, knowledge, and the lots of advice as well as the immediate e-mails reassured me. Thanks to their international freight forwarding experience and connections, we started courageously on our business, because we became convinced that One Log will bring us anything safely and on time wherever we order from the world.”
/ Tamás Kerékgyártó /


“We have been in contact with One Log Hungary Ltd. for a year. After a personal meeting Zoltan quoted us a price for one of our future shipments. It was a detailed and very reasonable rate and we preferred it at once, because it was the most favourable of the other 4 quotations. Zoltan checks all the tiny details, gives advice, takes our request into consideration as much as possible. He always made the goods delivered for us before deadline. I am very pleased to be their partner and recommend it to other companies, too.”
/ Hrabina Éva Basic-Line Ltd.  – HEAD SPORT /


“The One Log Hungary team relives us of the burden of our work. We just have to order and receive the goods . That’s it.”
/ Jerkó Attila - Electro Elite Ltd. /


“Kind, correct, flexible, reliable work. Five starred.”
/ Sivó Viktória - Fortuna International Ltd. /


“They have been a huge asset for us with our major projects, always providing us with maximum help with our transport needs, together with any necessary help and information. Their prices are absolutely fair and competitive and you can expect the full works of services for that.”
/ Atlasz Stone Kft. /


“Security, speed, and precision are of key importance for us. When contacted, ONE LOG replies immediately, and they always strive to find the most optimal solution for us. Should any problem occur, we can be assured that it will have no impact on our customers.”
/ Dr Derm Equipment Kft. /